Educational astronomical camp (AIT)


Educational camp is dedicated to primary schools, high schools and other organized groups. It takes place at one of the CŠOD centers from Friday to Sunday.

In this time, participants get in touch with astronomical equipment, learn about different fields of astronomy, but main pupose of the camp is to observe with large and powerful telescopes.

Night sky observations

During the night, participants learn about orientation under the night sky, observe constellations, are told stories about constellation origins and mithology. WIth telescope they observe double stars, planets, deep sky objects (nebulas, clusters, galaxies) and learn about their nature.

Observation of the Sun

During the day we will observe Sun trough a special purpose telescope and with an ordinary telescope equpped with a special filter. Participants will see spots, granulation, prominiscences and filaments. Usualy we also observe sunset and sunrise and enjoy the golden hours.

Daytime work

In the daytime participants learn about different topics, like evolution of stars, meteors, comets, Sollar system, galaxies in a creative way. Every group is also involved in a more practical project, like building camera obscura, 3D model of a specific constellation, sollar dial, model of eclipses, homemade planetarium... On Sunday, before lunch they present their work to their peers.

Nonastronomical program

During the camp participants compete in different sports, play social games. We also organize a short walk into the nature.


Martin Čokl
+386 40/ 772 - 706


This program is supported and financed by Ljubljana Municipality.

Evalvacija AIT

Evalvation page.

Some of the past camp

OŠ Jožeta Moškriča, Vojsko, januar 2012
OŠ Milana Šušteršiča, OŠ Stična, Čebelica, november 2011
OŠ Kašelj
OŠ Božidarja Jakca, OŠ Simona Jenka, Čebelica, oktober 2011
Državna srednja šola s slovenskim učnim jezikom Srečko Kosovel, Medved, april 2011
OŠ Stična in OŠ Milana Šuštaršiča, Čebelica, marec 2011
OŠ Simona Jenka, Medved, februar 2011
Waldorfska OŠ, Medved, januar 2011
OŠ Božidarja Jakca - Medvedje Brdo 2010
OŠ Venclja Perka - Medvedje Brdo 2010
Medvedje Brdo 2007
Kurešček 2006

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