Meet sky and stars (SNZ)

Project SNZ is a organized observation for school, scout and other groups. To truly experience night sky and astronomy, it is necessary to do it outside under a starry night. Whole program (lecture and observations) can be held in English.

Introductory lecture

Upon groups request, we prepare a lecture. Topics are collected here, but we can arrange to prepare any topic you want. After the lecture we proceed with observations.


Group is divided into two parts. One part of the group observes with telescopes, while others learn above constellations. Every part of observation is guided by an experienced member of our society. Whole program lasts 2-3 hours. Observations are made with a powerful and modern telescopes.

Constellation part

Main part of naked eye observations is getting to know the constellations. You will learn how the constellations were named and formed, mythology behind them, why we need them, you will become familiar with orientation. You will see how to distinguish planets from stars. In case of higher meteor activity, we will explain more about meteors.

Telescopic observations

In this part we will dive into the objects of deep sky. Trough the telescopes you will see star clusters, galaxies an nebula and learn above them. You will see planets that will be visible on that night. It is possible to see Venus and her phases, Mars with its polar caps and surface, Weather on Jupiter and its four large moons, Saturn and its ring system, Uranus and Neptune. In presence of Moon, you will observ it as well. If there will be a comet on the sky, you will see it. We will also show you some stars, mostly colorful double stars. You will learn a lot about telescope optics and how they work too.


Martin Čokl
+386 40/772-706

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Already performed SNZs

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