Who we are

We are a group of active amateur astronomers (references and bibliography of our members), who are joint on behalf of observations, education and research. Our initials steps into astronomy were all different. Some of us are interested in astronomy from our childhood, others gained interest later. Some of us own their own equipment, some don't. We are kept together in a passion of researching the Universe, observation under the night sky, popularization of astronomy among public and acting to preserve the dark sky. All this can be experienced in Cygnus astronomical society.

We organize several educational programs: Meet sky and stars (spoznajmo nebo in zvezde - SNZ), astronomical educational camps (astronomski izobraževalni tabori - AIT), lectures at school, education of teachers and workshops to learn operate a telescope. These programs are prepared with participation of school teachers and their interests. We acquired a lot of experiences during these programs. Every program is led by specially qualified members.

We are active on different fields of astronomy: planetary astrophotography, photometry of variable stars an Solar system bodies, astrophotography of deep sky objects, observing meteor activity, observation of comets and following rare phenomena as eclipses and auroras. We collaborate with different organizations and professional astronomers.

Our society promotes dark sky and actively corresponds to solving the problem of light pollution. Artificial light interferes into ecosystems of humans animals and plants. It reduces health, safety and general welfare. Informing the public and authorities is an important part of our concern.

Cygnus astronomical society is open to anyone with interest to participate actively in amateur astronomy.

Spoznajmo nebo in zvezde

Astronomski izobraževalni tabor

Slovenska astronomska revija